C-DVU Codec – Patent-free State of the Art Image and Video Compression


Below is the summary information for the newly developed state-of-the-art image and video compression codec. If the information below is of interest to you or your company please contact us to inquire about the sale.

The C-DVU is a patent-free highly innovative video and image compression codec, outperforming in its initial version state-of-the-art image compression and all but the most complex and heavy video codecs, at an enormously diminished computational complexity with same or better objective and subjective quality. The C-DVU, when fully tweaked will easily outperform state-of-the-art codecs, or the codec may be used to enhance your proprietary codec beyond the present top level to reduce bandwidth and storage needs.

No codec besides the C-DVU is completely free from licensing of any running patent, so a profitable patent tree for many applications is feasible. Extensive anteriority research has been performed in the relevant intellectual property banks, Uspto, Cipo, Spacenet, Derwent, etc.

Some facts:

  • Compared to MPEG-2 the C-DVU codec offers a 35% bit rate reduction with motion estimation at the same level of computational complexity, the same objective quality of peak signal-to-noise ratio and the same or even better subjective quality. Full results of subjective and rate-distortion measurements are available.

  • MJPEG2000 is also firmly outperformed by C-DVU in the initial version for high bandwidth, without motion estimation.

  • The C-DVU outperforms state-of-the-art JPEG2000 image compressing between 8 and 30% with comparable computational complexity and better subjective quality.
  • Compared to JPEG the C-DVU decreases file size from 30% and up to 200% for large files and high compression rates, with same or better image quality, measured both subjectively and objectively.

  • The C-DVU for static image compression, is fully operational both in software and on FPGA board.

  • Extensive list of recommendations for further even optimization is available.